Customer experience mapping. 

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It’s obvious that customers' needs should drive your business, but what it the best way to represent these?

A DoView® Customer Experience Map details your customers' needs, analyzes their pain points and helps you work out where you should be focusing your customer experience improvement projects to gain the best strategic advantage.  

DoView® Customer Experience Map for air travel

The overview of the customer experience map shows the different areas where you will be wanting to optimize your customer’s experience. 

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A drill-down page within the DoView® Customer Experience Map

Below is a single drill-down page under the blue box in the Customer Experience Map. Such customer experience maps are very powerful for forcing your team to focus directly on the customer experience and for surfacing any disagreements amongst your team as to aspects of customer experience.

Please click on the boxes below with grey triangles to drill-down into this live web-page version of the DoView® Customer Experience Map

Webpage version created with DoView® Software 

Identify customer research questions

Below is the drill-down page for Great in-plane experience. We have mapped several customer experience research questions onto it. The highlighted blue boxes with the  ^ (representing the point of an arrow) on their bottom edge are the areas of customer experience that research question Res Q 1: Passengers’ views on customer service? looks at. Alternatively, if the user clicked on Res Q 2, the boxes which that question focuses on (food) would be highlighted

Identify customer pain points 

Once your customer experience research questions have been answered, you can mark-up your DoView® Customer Experience Map with the areas where customers are experiencing pain. In this case, the customer research, as described above, has shown that there is no customer pain around Emergency instructions presented in a novel way to prevent boredom. However, there is a problem with Appropriate welcome from fight attendants and Air attendants give good customer service through flight.  

Identify priority customer touch points going forward

In the DoView® Customer Experience Map below, we have marked-up our priorities for where we want to improve our customer experience going forward. These are Appropriate welcome from flight attendants and Air attendants give good customer service throughout flight. The next step is to make sure that we launch customer experience improvement projects to improve these two aspects of the customer’s experience. 

Prove that your projects are focused on your priorities

Below we are showing that Project 1: Develop new training resources for air attendants on customer service is focused on improving the two boxes within the customer exerience map that were identified from the customer experience research projects discussed above.  

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Scalable approach

We have stepped you through a very simple example above to show you how customer experience mapping works in  DoView® Software. However, if your customer experience mapping was this simple, you would not need to use DoView®  as a tool. The magic of the  DoView® approach is that it is scalable and you use it to get a clear overview of your many customer experience research projects and your many customer experience improvement projects. 

Anyone can use the above DoView® Customer Experience Map,  with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView® Software. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact

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