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There are great software products and platforms out there for detailed project planning such as Microsoft® Project. When you are doing project portfolio management, DoView®  software adds value to your use of these other products and platforms at the start by helping you initially work out which projects you need to do to achieve your priorities. If you get this right then you are well on the way to achieving the Holdy Grail of organizational alignment.  

And absolutely as importantly, DoView® is the tool to quickly communicate to management and stakeholders exactly why you have selected the projects that you have. No longer do you end up feeding them mushy text-based rationales for why you are doing the projects that you are planning to do. The DoView® approach is much more rigorous and transparent than this. 

DoView is lite and agile and compared to other software, it’s explicitly designed for use while you’re running your strategy meeting. It’s the very affordable way to dip your toes into project portfolio management or even quickly prototype for a year or so before you jump into committing to a single complex cloud based project portfolio management platform.

Below is a illustrative example of using DoView for simple project portfolio management for a software company. 

The board or executive team draw a DoView® Results Roadmap 

Below you can see the organization’s high-level outcome on the right. The colored boxes show the lower-level steps and each has a drill-down page beneath it detailing what is involved in that step. Compared to traditional drawing software, DoView® is optimized for drawing such models in real-time while you’re running a strategic planning meeting. 

Please click on the boxes below with grey triangles to drill-down into this live web-page version of the DoView® Results Roadmap

Webpage version created with DoView® Software 


Prioritize boxes within the results roadmap

Below is the drill-down page for the purple box which is called Well-run corporation. You can prioritize which boxes you will be focusing on in the next planning period (e.g. the next year). Only 'A' priorities are marked.


Insert project or activity boxes into the DoView® Results Roadmap

Now you can use our unique cross-page linking tool to link project boxes to the priority boxes they are focused on achieving

Review your results roadmap to make sure that you have ‘line-of-sight’ between your projects and priorities  - the Holy Grail of 'organizational alignment'

This is the magic step in the process because it lets you see if you’re actually focusing your activity on your priorities. The DoView® approach is much more rigorous than the lose paragraphs of text that people serve up as a rationalizations in traditional text-based strategic plans. 

The white number at the bottom of each box shows the number of projects that are focused on each box on this drill-down page. The Clarity about IP box does not have any projects focused on it. This means that it is either not a priority or at least one new project needs to be focused on it. In real-world visual strategic planning, there can be many more project boxes than in this simple example. The DoView® approach is scalable and can handle a significant number of projects or activities. 


A poster version is used to show how projects have been mapped onto priorities

The poster below shows that the organizational alignment mapping has been done. The detailed consideration of whether there is strategic alignment between priorities and projects is done within DoView® software as shown above. In contrast to normal drawing software, these link lines can be drawn automatically by DoView® once you have made a link between any two boxes.  

Generate a PDF listing of which boxes each project is focusing on

If you right-click on any project box in DoView® you will see a listing of the outcome boxes that are linked to it. Conceptually this means that you now have a standardized way of describing the outcomes that any project is focused on achieving. 

This is a much more rigorous approach than the traditional project planning approach of writing an unstructured paragraph of text about the outcomes a project is aiming to achieve. In DoView® you are able to produce a PDF of this listing. Project staff can then use this listing as a checklist to make sure that their project is actually focused on the outcome boxes that were identified as its outcomes in the planning process.


Anyone can use the above DoView® software company visual strategic plan, with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView® Software and acknowledge its use. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView® software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact


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