Corporate Site License Options

1. Purchase licenses with on-going cumulative bulk purchase discounts

A first set of permanent licenses are purchased with the normal bulk purchase discount. Register your organization with DoView under our Corporate Bulk Purchase Scheme. From then on, any additional licenses purchased cumulate and attract increasing bulk purchase discounts. This license only available for predicted purchases of over 20 copies.

2. Group purchase arrangements

These arrangements are where an organization (e.g. a Funder) seeks to provide DoView licenses to a number of other organizations (e.g. it's Grantees). The details of these arrangement are negotiated on a case by case basis. 

3. Alternative corporate site license arrangements

Other alternative corporate site license arrangements can be made. These might involve an organization paying a fee, or a subscription, for an unlimited number of licenses used within that organization. In addition, there can be instances of this type of licensing to a governments for parts or whole sectors within the public sector.

Tell us the type(s) of corporate licensing you are interested in.

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