Ethiopia - community utilization of resources

"The Kotoba Sustainable Livelihoods Project is a four year project in Ethiopia under implementation by Alliance of Knowledge & Action for Sustainable Livelihood Management Associaiton (AKAM). The project is supporting a community to improve their livelihood options by sustainable utilization of local resources and building strong community institutions. This involves intensification and diversification of livelihood options; linking the community to market, information and services; and developing self-reliant community institutions/self-help groups to improve household income, nutrition and dignity/well-being. We have used result chains/logic models to conceptualize and design our theories of change. We are starting to use DoView to draw our result chains and have found it a good tool for representing the results we want and also for setting out evaluation questions in a systematic and simple manner."

Tamene Hailegiorgis Gutema (for more information contact
Alliance of Knowledge & Action for Sustainable Livelihood Management Associaiton (AKAM

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