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As a trial, DoView software - the evaluator’s Swiss Army Knife - is being made available free for students in the University of Melbourne Practice of Evaluation course EDUC90847. This offer is for the student edition which lasts for one semester.

"The best product I've ever used for building programme logics ... and it's so easy to use!"  Pauline Dickinson, Evaluator

How do you get hold of DoView?

1. Just download the trial version.

2. Send us an email using the support page. Please give us the following information: your name; email address; your student ID; the fact that you are doing the course EDUC90847 and say that you agree to use DoView only for student purposes. We will send you a Coupon Code that you can use when purchasing DoView which will mean that you are sent a registration serial number free of charge.

3. We will include information in our email replying to you regarding how to use the Coupon Code to purchase DoView Student Version.

Quick introduction to using DoView Software.

Other resources

Here is a video and template from evaluator Maggie Jakob-Hoff on using DoView for evaluation planning. Get the DoView template file here.

The two videos below show some other possibilities for developing a visual evaluation plan in DoView. 

If you want an overview of why to use DoView for M&E planning look at Part 1 of the above three part video series.

If you want to use DoView for identifying which items to include in a questionnaire or survey you’re using in an evaluation check out this resource.

If you want to use DoView for reviewing a program as part of evaluation check out this resource.

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