Student Information Sheet - Using DoView® Student Version

DoView is new type of software (an 'outcomes processor'). It lets you draw outcomes models (logic models, causal models), for visual strategic planning, performance management, evaluation, risk management and other purposes. 

You can download the DoView Student Version from

You will need the username ________________

and password _________________

These will be supplied by your Instructor. Please do not give the username or password to anyone else. 

The DoView Student Version will run for one year from the time you first download it.

The DoView Student Version has full DoView functionality. However since it is provided free to students, for technical reasons you will not be able to upgrade it for free in the year during which it continues to run.  

If an upgrade to DoView comes out during that time, and you want to use it, you will have to purchase a full copy of DoView to upgrade to it. To do this go to When you buy DoView you will be sent an email with a registration serial number in it. Download the new trial version of DoView from and once you have installed it, put in the registration serial number, from then on you will have a permanent license to DoView.

DoView resources

Resources for using DoView can be found on the DoView Resources Page

How to do stuff

  • Brief introduction to program logic models. Youtube.
  • How to build traditional input, outputs, outcomes program logic models. Youtube.
  • Use the DoView 5-Step DoView Visual Planning and Management Process. More
  • Build a DoView Visual Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. More
  • Draw an Outcomes DoView. More
  • How Foundations can use DoView. More.
  • Use DoView to coordinate a sector or collaboration. More.

Get involved in the DoView Community of Practice

  • Linkedin group on using DoView software. Here
  • Linkedin group on the wider question of using the DoView Visual Planning and Management Process. Here
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter (DoView front page).

In addition to these you can look at Dr Paul Duignan's site and his work in

If students or instructors have any questions, or suggestions for enhancement of DoView please use the contact form

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