Deploying DoView and embedding it within your organization

1. Get DoView

First get DoView. Download it and purchase a license. If think you are eligible for a discount (e.g. a Charity discount) get in contact with us using this form. If you are an international development organization working in a low or medium income country and your project cannot afford DoView you may qualify for a free license to DoView under the DoView Donor Program. If you have any questions about how DoView can be used within your organization please contact us.

2. Check out our resources

We have a range of resources. Please check look at them. If you have questions as to how they apply to your organization please get in touch

3. Training

If want individualized or group online or face-to-face training on using DoView and/or on how it can be embedded within your organization, get in touch with us.  

For background on how DoView fits within the wider picture of strategic planning, performance management and proving impact, look at Dr Paul Duignan’s Three Minute Outcomes videos. You might also like to do his course on visual strategic planning on the Economist Magazine’s online professional education site where he is one of the expert trainers. 

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