What's an Outcomes DoView and why should I use one?  (A DoView How-To Guide)


An Outcomes DoView is the new, more effective way of doing all of you thinking and planning about you projects, organizations, collaborations or coalitions. In the past, if you were planning a project, doing organizational planning, or working on a collaboration, you'd do a number of different separate things, including: strategic planning; priority setting; identifying gaps and overlaps in your activities (or projects); working out who should be doing what; tracking how you're progressing; thinking about how you should evaluate what you're doing; thinking about how to discuss what you're accountable for with your funders, and trying to quickly explain what you're trying to do to your busy and overloaded stakeholders. For most of us, this is a dauntingly long list of time-consuming jobs cluttering up our already busy to-do lists. And this is all before we actually get to do any of our day-to-day work delivering whatever it is that our project or organization is meant to be delivering!

Enter the Outcomes DoView

Using an Outcomes DoView is the new way of doing all of this much faster and with less pain. We can now do them all against exactly the same visual Outcomes DoView. Because it's against the same model, we can guarantee alignment. Not only this, but because we use a fully visual approach, stakeholders find it much more accessible that the boring old planning documents we used to sweat over. (And, let's be honest, regardless of what they pretend, most stakeholders don't even read such long text-based documents!).

What's the easier and smarter DoView way of doing it?

Just draw an Outcomes DoView of your organization, project or collaboration. More. Then use it for all aspects of your planing, accountability, managing performance, evaluating succession, risk management and contracting. More.  

Below is an example of an Outcomes DoView for a School.


Why use DoView software?

DoView software lets you quickly draw Outcomes DoViews. It's much more than drawing software in that it automatically stores all the information about the links between boxes in your models (e.g. steps, activities and organizations). It's the world's first true outcomes processor. A word processor lets you efficiently deal with words. DoView lets you efficiently deal with you outcomes and helps you do all the things you need to do in you projects and organizations related to planning, outcomes and results. Once you've built your Outcomes DoView, you can work with it in a range of convenient formats: compact formats which can always be dataprojected and amended in a meeting; letter-sized printed formats; larger poster-sized printed formats; and web page versions of your model you can put up on your project or organization website. 

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