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Strategists, performance managers, evaluators and outcomes specialists spend their days thinking about, discussing and working with outcomes. 

When you’re doing accounting you use a spreadsheet, when you’re doing outcomes work, why not use a simple 'outcomes processor' like DoView® to make your work with outcomes easier?

Outcomes specialists designed DoView® to be the agile tool you use every day to model outcomes and the steps leading to them. It’s so easy to use that you can use it in real-time in front of a group.

Draw: outcomes models, theories of change, strategy maps, program theories, intervention logics, results chains, logic models and visual strategic plans.  If it’s a visual model, you’ll draw it faster in DoView®

Build 'simple but not simplistic' models with drill-down pages providing as much detail as you like.

Link any box to any other box in your model; check for visual line-of-sight alignment between projects and priorities; include indicators for KPI work; include evaluation questions and more. Create PDF versions or webpage versions of your models. More information here.

Download a free trial now and then download a template DoView® file to edit and play around with a DoView visual model in the trial version. 

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