Outcomes theory definitions


Academic references to outcomes theory

Many terms are used in different sectors and disciplines by people working with outcomes, strategy, performance management, impact assessment, risk-management and outcomes-based contracting. This can be confusing.

There is a set definitions of terms used in outcomes theory.

Outcomes theory provides technical definitions of these terms. It focuses on stating definitions in formal terms drawing on outcomes theory concepts rather than just insisting that contested terms be used in a particular way.

Outcomes system

Any system that identifies; prioritizes; intervenes with; seeks to attribute or hold parties to account for outcomes of any type in any sector (e.g. a strategic planning system, a performance management system). more

Outcomes model

A set of boxes showing high-level outcomes and the steps which it is believed influence them. It is used both as a conceptual and a practicall tool within outcomes theory. more


An adminstrative unit based on a belief that resourcing particular activities should improve particular outcomes. Within an outcomes model - a box producing one or more boxes which are 'goods or services' (outputs). Alternatively, a group of projects. more