Dr Paul Duignan International Outcomes Expert


'Why's this so important? Because if we get our outcomes wrong, we'll get our world wrong.'

'Those who use our approach draw a visual model of their outcomes and the steps they need to achieve them - they then use this to align ALL their organizational planning and measurement work.'

'In addition, if they use it, our outcomes theory gives people a much more sophisticated way of dealing with the thorny problems of measurability, attribution and accountability.'

'Many people find organizational outcomes, strategy and impact measurement work unnecessarily complicated and frustrating . . .'

' . . . I'm on a mission to re-invent and simplify the way we do Public and Third Sector outcomes.'

'Overall, our approach is a faster, easier and more transparent way of communicating your work to governance, funders and stakeholders.'

'It lets you integrate planning, monitoring, performance management, contracting and accountability.'

'You can either use an agile visual planning and outcomes approach or end up lagging behind the pack. And with the current intense competition for funding and recognition, that's something organizations just cannot afford to do.'

Duignan sees DoView as the world's first outcomes processor: 'It's an agile Swiss Army Knife of a product designed for anyone doing strategy, at any level. With it, your can throw around strategy ideas and quickly build simple, but not simplistic, visual outcomes models. You can then visuall align your projects with priorities and work out how to measure and communicate your impact'.

His work with organizations' Governance Boards consists of using DoView Planning to help them quickly and clearly define their strategic intent and transparently communicate it to their management.

When working with organizations' management he helps organizations develop their own DoView Outcomes Framework for non-financial results (analogous and paralell to their accounting system measuring financial results). This includes all their outcomes and how they are going to measure and prove impact. This single outcomes system is then used to align all aspects of: organizational strategy, priorites, performance management, impact assessment, risk management, accountability and outcomes-based contracting.

Duignan's work

Dr Paul W Duignan, the international outcomes expert behind DoView Planning; DoView software; and, outcomes theory; developed the approach out of frustration.

Working across the Public and Third (Nonprofit) sector he was: 'appalled at the often low-tech, conceptually confused, and non-integrated approach to outcomes, strategic planning, performance management and measuring impact'.

His ground-breaking outcomes theory clarifies outcomes work undertaken by program staff and managers, policy analysts, performance managers, program evaluators etc. His DoView Planning is the applied version; and DoView software is a practical tool for making DoView Planning easier.

Duignan launched the Startup responsible for developing DoView Software as he could not find any other tool specifically designed for quick real-time strategy, outcomes and measurement discussions with groups.

Duignan consults with organizations including the IMF, governments, private and public sector organizations across all sectors.

He presents on strategy and outcomes issues to many conferences in different disciplines. He blogs at DoView/com/blog and is at Twitter.com/PaulDuignan.

Duignan's PhD dissertation was in measuring hard to measure outcomes at the sector level. He is a Fulbright Senior Scholar and an Honorary Research Fellow at Massey University, New Zealand. He has taught and undertaken research at post-graduate level at a number of universities and has received international awards for his outcomes work.

Ask him any question about public and nonprofit strategy, outcomes and impact measurement in the Linkedin DoView Community of Practice at Tinyurl.com/doviewplanningln.

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