How to identify, or review, questions for a questionnaire using an Outcomes DoView®

Developing, or reviewing, questions for a questionnaire, survey or feedback sheet is hard because you first need to work out exactly what the questionnaire will be measuring. People often try to just do this first step in their heads. It is much easier to start by drawing a DoView Strategy Model of what it is that you are wanting to measure. Then, secondly, you just look at each box in the model and use it work out your questions.  

Below is just part of an strategy model for a web-based community newtorking platform called Community Central focusing on what the user needs. It could be used to design a questionnaire for interviewing users about their experience using the platform. More information is available on how to build DoView strategy models is here. Some templates for building them are also available. 

Now just look at each box in the visual strategy model and see if you can identify a question which would provide information on that particular box. 

The power of this approach is that you can immediately check that you have covered all of the important boxes in the visual strategy model. If you don’t use a visual strategy model, it is very difficult to be certain that you have covered everthing that you need to cover in your questionnaire. A visual strategy model can be used as the whole basis for reviewing or monitoring any project, program, initiative or organization.

The third step, if you wish, is to ‘clone’ these questions and list them onto another DoView page. You can then use DoView to futher document your questionnaire development.  

The DoView approach can also be used for the comprehensive visual monitoring and evaluation planning process and for visual planning and management. Download a free trial now.  

Anyone can use the above material, with acknowledgement, in their own forprofit or nonprofit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView Software. Anyone can use it to teach anyone esle how to use DoView Software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact us using the contact page.  


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