Using DoView® Strategy Diagrams with the Mexican public sector

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The DoView® Strategy Diagram approach could be implemented throughout the Mexican public sector. It is a new way of doing public sector planning that is based on the principle that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This new approach revolutionizes public sector planning with an approach that is potentially 40% more efficient. It also ensures much tighter alignment between priorities, government agency activities and projects. Tight alignment is essential for efficiently using a country’s public services. ighter alignment can lead to significant efficiencies in the delivery of a country’s public services.  

In this approach, planning is done in the form of visual strategy diagrams drawn and used in DoView® software. These interactive diagrams provide both a ‘helicopter' overview and the ability to immediately drill-down to find out more detail. These strategy diagrams can be used at all stages within the planning process. Politicians can use them to set out their priorities for where they want their country’s public sector to focus. Public organisations can use them to communicate their plans and make sure that they have alignment between priorities and the activities they are undertaking. These visual strategy diagrams can also be used at the level of individual projects. In addition, they can be used for outcomes-focused delegation and contracting where nonprofits and others are funded to deliver public services.  


The benefits of this approach include the fact that the visual strategy diagram provides a single comprehensive and authoritative statement of the plan in one place. Second, people looking at a visual strategy diagram can very quickly understand what it is that a government agency is trying to do. This makes the public sector much more transparent because normally what a government agency is doing is hard to find out about because the details of what it is doing are described in long, complex and hard to access planning documents. Third, this planning approach can be up to 40% faster than other traditional planning approaches. Fourth, the approach can be used to make sure, and prove to others, that there is tight alignment between public sector priorities and what public sector organizations are doing.

The approach was developed by international public sector strategy and machinery of government expert Dr Paul Duignan. It has been used extensively within the New Zealand government which is a world leader in public sector innovation. The approach includes: a piece of software for drawing and using the models - DoView® software; a comprehensive, fully developed and documented methodology for drawing and using the strategy diagrams; the DoView® Public Sector Strategy Diagram Library which is a comprehensive set of strategy diagrams that is used by governments to , 

How the approach could be used in the Mexican public sector

Below is a demonstration of how a full set of DoView® Visual Strategy Diagrams could be developed for the whole of the Mexican government. On the left are Minsterial-level models for three government priority areas developed as proof of concept models. In the middle column are some examples of individual government agency strategy diagrams. On the right-hand side are other examples of diagrams (e.g. for a regional health service or  a regional council). Click on any box with a small triangle in the bottom corner to drill-down and come back up again. Use HOME to return to the top of the overall diagram. 


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