Soft Solutions

Purchase Process for Soft Solutions Reseller

1. Soft Solutions emails us asking for a quote. We give Soft Solutions a 20% discount on the NZ$ price at the time the quote is issued. The NZ$ price is as determined by the DoView e-commerce site

2. Soft Solutions select the serial number(s) from the list of our serial numbers we have provided to you. If you run out of these please let us know.

3. Soft Solutions send us the email addresses of the purchasers so that we can include them in update notifications.

4. Soft Solutions notifies us of sales monthly.

5. We issue Soft Solutions an invoice for the number of licenses purchased.

6. Soft Solutions makes payment directly into our bank account.

7. If anyone wants to make a bulk purchase of a corporate license Soft Solutions contact us regarding what we can offer. 

8. Soft Solutions promotes DoView through its networks.

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