Sell your school better by helping parents and stakeholders understand your school strategic plan

Traditional school strategic plans are ignored by busy parents. Create a DoView School Visual Strategic Plan, put it up on the web and parents can click through to see what you're doing. More on how to build a DoView Outcomes Model. More on how to use it for DoView Visual Strategic Planning. 

Click through this interactive DoView School Visual Strategic Plan.

Prove that your lessons are tightly focused on the curriculum

Proving that your lessons are tightly focused on the curriculum is time consuming. But despite this work, no one can easily overview the your pages of tables listing lessons and curriculum topics. With DoView you can quickly visually map your lessons onto the curriculum and do 'line-of-sight' analysis to prove you are curriculum-focused.

The red boxes are ones that have no lessons focused on them.

Plan how to evaluate the success of your school

Your schools need to get smarter at proving its success. Use a DoView Visual Evaluation Plan to show how you will evaluate your success.  

Use DoView to develop a school evaluation plan. More.

Help your students develop their thinking by drawing visual models of their logic in real-time discussions

DoView is a very simple tool for drawing visual models in front of groups. Get your students to run sessions where they develop their thinking in real-time in front of the class. More on building DoView visual causal models. Contact us if your school wants to be a no-cost Demonstration Site for this use of DoView.

Help students see their goals in a visual plan in academic or other school counseling

DoView can be used to develop visual individual students plans showing their goals. This can be used by students in the classroom. Or it can be used by counsellors in school counseling. Get students to take their own photos and include them in DoView boxes.

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