Using DoView to specify the outcomes for any IT project

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Identifying and communicating IT project outcomes

The first stage in planning any IT project is for developers to understand the outcomes that external or internal clients are seeking from a project. Ultimately the project will be specified in terms of use cases and other forms of technical specification as the IT project rolls out.  

However at the start of an IT project is it helpful for developers to have an easy way for their clients to set out the outcomes they are seeking from the project using non-technical language.

Using a DoView Strategy Diagram


A DoView Strategy Diagram is a particular type of diagram, built using DoView software, that is designed to efficiently describe the outcomes for any type of project and the steps that it is believed need to occur to achieve those outcomes. 

When people are planning a project of any sort they start off with a mental model of what they are trying to achieve. DoView Strategy Diagramming gets this mental model out of their heads and into a standardized form as a DoView Strategy Diagram.  

In the case of IT projects, this diagram can be used as the basis for discussions between developers and external or internal clients regarding what the IT project will be trying to achieve.

The DoView Strategy Diagram can also be used towards the end of the project to make sure that the project has delivered on the outcomes that were being sought when it was first planned. 

An example 

The example below is of an IT project aimed at making a government department more assessible to clients who are wanting to interact with the department digitally. 

screenshot 394


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