Using Results Roadmapping for Research

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We consult on applying DoView Planning in research settings

Research is a dynamic process, and it’s also only one factor amongst a number that affect real-world outcomes. This creates major problems for communicating your outcomes to funders and other stakeholders and for proving that you’re having an impact. Researchers use Duignan’s Results Roadmapping to quickly communicate their research outcomes. They also use it to plan how they’ll prove they’re having an impact on outcomes that funders and stakeholders care about. 

Duignan’s Results Roadmapping uses a new, completely visual-based, approach. You can use it for: faster research planning; clearer articulation of outcomes for funders/stakeholders; planning the contribution of different researchers or research groups; identifying how you’ll track progress and how you’ll prove your research is having an impact. The approach is implemented with the simple-to-use DoView® software.

Because DoView® software is very affordable, you don’t need to make a large up-front investment when using this approach. Experiment with, and prototype, the use of this new visual approach to research planning. Join the many universities and research groups around the world which are now using this visual approach to better communicate their research outcomes and to gain an edge in the competitive world of research funding.  

Paul Duignan, PhD on using Duignan’s Results Roadmapping™ in research planning and impact measurement (90sec)

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