DoViewing to develop high-level agency outcomes (e.g. for inclusion in government agency Statement of Intent outcomes planning documents)

Throughout the world government (and state) agencies are required to produce documentation describing their high-level outcomes. Sometimes one document includes both high-level outcome information plus lower-level output lists (final goods and services produced by the agency). In other settings, these two different aspects are broken up and set out in two different documents. An example of how to use DoView to identify lower-level outputs list in the public sector is available. The rest of this page shows how DoViewing can be used to assist in the preparation of high-level outcomes-focused strategic planning documentation. 

New Zealand government departments are required to produce an annual Statement of Intent setting out their forward strategic thinking for the coming three years. Prior to the preparation of their 2011 Statement of Intent, the New Zealand Department of Conservation had undertaken a comprehensive strategic planning process using DoView Outcomes-Focused Visual Strategic Planning to model the department's outcomes. The cover of the department's Statement of Intent is shown below.


Because it had undertaken the comprehensive DoView Visual Strategic Planning and Outcomes process, the department was able to take each of the drill-down pages from within its visual DoView model and use them at the start of separate chapters to visually overview the area being covered by the chapter. Each chapter then went on to detail strategic issues and what the department was planning to do in regard to the work covered in the drill-down page. The overview from the DoView model is shown below followed by a page from the Statement of Intent showing how the same overview from the DoView was represented within the Statement of Intent. The HTML version of the DoView is here and the PDF here.

screenshot 2007


Below is one of the drill-down pages from the DoView - the one covering the recreation work of the department. What follows is the initial page in the chapter on recreation within the department's Statement of Intent which included a graphic of the recreation drill-down page drawn from the department's DoView.

screenshot 2008

screenshot 1999

Look in more detail at the Department of Conservation's Statement of Intent to see how the DoView material was used.

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