DoView® Program Logic Models (Outcomes Models)

Traditional drawing software is not designed for quickly drawing logic models in front of groups

DoView builds logic models, intervention logics, theories of change, program theories, strategy maps, visual logframes, outcomes models faster

"The best product I've ever used for building program logics ... and it's so easy to use!" Pauline Dickinson, PhD, Evaluator.

  • Ever wasted hours trying to format your program logic models, trying in vain to make them look neater?
  • Found yourself spending more time trying to figure out how to use drawing software than actually using it?
  • Been in a situation where you needed to instantly create an interactive web page version of your model ready for uploading onto the internet, but couldn't? 
  • Wish you could easily store evidence for your links and reference notes for your outcomes?
  • Ever wanted to break your model up into sub-pages but been unable to work out how to make links between boxes on different pages?
  • Tired of having to go through your model and change the name of the same box everywhere it appears? 
  • Ever had to delete causal links just because you couldn't get line and arrow links to look right or fit on the page?
  • Fed-up with sitting in meetings with stakeholders knowing that your program logic model is almost impossible to read when being projected?

Cut the frustration - get DoView

See how to draw Outcomes DoViews or use your own logic modeling approach with DoView. Download a free trial.

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