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DoView® Visual Strategic Planning communicates faster than text-based strategic planning because "a picture is worth a thousand words”. 

In addition, if you need to change your strategy overnight, you can do this by just tweaking your priorities directly onto your DoView® Results Roadmap. You don’t need to rewrite your whole strategic plan.

Once you have argued through, and built, your consensus DoView® Results Roadmap, it functions as a concrete visual representation embodying your collective strategy. 

You work directly with your DoView® Results Roadmap to ensure organizational and KPI alignment. This avoids the traditional risk of slippage between people's different mental models of your strategy and the various interpretations people can take when they read a text-based strategic plan.

Below is are the steps in developing a simple DoView® Results Roadmap for visual strategic planning. 

The board or executive team draw a DoView® Results Roadmap 

This shows the organization’s high-level outcomes and it has drill-down pages for each of the lower-level steps needed to get to them. Compared to traditional drawing software, DoView® is optimized for drawing such models in real-time during strategic planning meetings. 

Click on boxes below with grey triangles to drill-down into this DoView® Results Roadmap

Webpage version created with DoView® Software


Prioritize boxes within the results roadmap

This is the drill-down page for Well-run corporation. Prioritise which boxes you will be focusing on in the next lanning period (e.g. the next year). Only 'A' priorities are marked.


Insert project or activity boxes

Link project boxes to the priority boxes they are focused on

Review the model to make sure there is  model is ‘line-of-sight’ alignmen

Ensure that you're focusing your projects on your priorities. The number in the grey box shows the number of projects focused on each box. The 'Clarity about IP' box does not have any projects focused on it, so it is either not a board priority or at least one new project needst to be focused on it. In real-world visual strategic planning there are usually many more project boxes than in this simple example.


A poster is used to show how projects have been mapped onto priorities

The second poster below shows that the mapping has been done. The detailed consideration of whether there is strategic alignment between priorities and projects is done within DoView® software as shown above.


Anyone can use the above DoView software company visual strategic plan, with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView Software and acknowledge its use. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact


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