DoView® logic models, results chains and more

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Using it for traditional logic models, results chains, theories of change, curriculum mapping

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Logic models, results chain video

Two minute video on logic models, results chains, theories of change and intervention logics

Use it for logic models, theories of change

  • Many people are using DoView to draw a range of different types of logic models, results chains, theories of change, program theories, interventions logics, strategy maps, etc.  
  • It's designed to help you quickly draw such models in real-time in front of groups of staff and stakeholders  

Curriculum mapping 

  • DoView is also an agile generic 'box to box' mapper
  • It solves the long-standing IT problem of how to visualize large structures with many-to-many relationships without models getting too large and unreadable - the wiring diagram problem
  • DoView is ideal for jobs such as curriculum mapping where a set of activities which are being done (e.g. individual lessons) need to be shown to be focused on a set of learning outcomes (e.g. curriculum goals). 
  • A similar use is in accreditation of individuals or programs where you need to establish that your activity is aligned with a set of accreditation criteria (e.g. in organizational accreditation, professional accreditation, competencies).
  • DoView lets you 'see' that you have visual alignment between any sets of boxes that you've modeled in it.

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