Build: theories of change, intervention logics, results chains, program theories and strategy maps

Unlike other software, DoView® has been explicitly designed to make it easier for you to build these types of models. Check out why it is much more appropriate to use than traditional drawing software for this type of work.

Save time by building your models in DoView software which has been been specifically designed for building these types of technical models. It's much easier and simpler than using standard drawing software. More on the difference between DoView and drawing software.

Make it easy for funders and others to quickly understand what you're trying to do in your program by giving them the technical visual outcomes models they're demanding. Use DoView to quickly draw, present and amend these in real-time in meetings.

Stand out from the crowd of competing organizations chasing funding by having a navigatable DoView outcomes model anyone visiting your website can click through. Create a web page version of your DoView model and quickly put it up on the web.


No more fussing with complex drawing software never designed to create logic models and theories of change when you’re working to build a model in real-time in front of a meeting.

Model complexity with models that span many pages and are easy to drill-down into. Insert indicators and evaluation questions into your model. 

Easy communicate your model by making it into a clickable web page version

DoView® is specifically designed to build any type of logic model, results chain, theory of change, or strategy map faster. Difference between DoView and drawing software.

Traditional logic model (Bottom-to-top) built in DoView.

screenshot 1184

Traditional logic model (Left-to-right) build in DoView.

Evaluation questions and indicators can also be inserted onto you model. All of the drill-down and cloning features of DoView can be used to create an interactive DoView model far more useful than a 'flat' outcomes model drawn in normal drawing software.


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DoView versus drawing software.


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