Communicate the complexity of your world - draw 'simple but not simplistic' multi-page DoViews

Your world's a complex place. The trick is to be able to communicate this complexity without confusing your audience.

DoView lets you easily break your model up into a more easily understood multi-page modular structure. How to draw a DoView

Easily create, navigate through, and edit, your multi-page model when working in-front of meetings. 

Work faster with hyperlinks between sub-pages and DoView's unique linking between boxes located on different pages.

The first example below shows a poster version of an overview of a DoView. Click through the webpage version of the example DoView models below the poster. 

Village health promotion DoView

Poster version

Webpage version created in DoView Software how to do this

Health provider DoView

Webpage version created in DoView software how to do this

Info for IT Departments.
DoView versus drawing software.


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