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Traditional strategic planning - long text-based documents - is dead

It takes too long and the plan are too hard to read and change

  • Ever wasted hours drafting text-and-table strategic plans that no one reads?
  • Have problems quickly communicating in your text-based strategic plan that you've achieved organizational alignment between priorities and projects?
  • Ever had the structure of your strategic plan thrown into disarray by someone wanting to add an additional outcome or strategy?
  • Would you feel overwhelmed if management wanted to change all your organization's priorities the week after you've just finished wordsmithing your strategic plan?
  • Ever found yourself repeating the same work under different headings: e.g. strategic planning, outcomes specification, monitoring and evaluation, contract specification? 

There's a better way, get agile with a DoView Visual Strategic Plan

  • 'See' what you're doing and communicate it faster
  • Easily check that you have alignment between your projects and priorities with line-of-sight analysis
  • Do on-the-fly planning by tweaking your priorities as circumstances change and quickly re-do line-of-sight analysis
  • Track progress on your outcomes, measure performance, evaluate success and do outcomes-based contracting all against the same underlying DoView visual model
  • Quickly discuss joint activity and common outcomes with others

Build more accessible, easily communicated strategic plans in half the time. Use DoView to: do you strategic planning; implement your program; determine priorities; do evidence-based practice; performance management; risk management; impact evaluation; and outcomes-focused contracting and delegation. 

Make your life simpler with DoView. 

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