How to do a DoView® Visual Strategic Plan

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The old text-based strategic plan is dead. You need a far more accessible and agile visual strategic plan to deal with today's uncertain and rapidly morphing environment.  This example shows the strategic planning aspect of DoView Five Step Visual Planning and Outcomes Management.

Draw your DoView

Your DoView is a visual model of all of your high-level outcomes and the lower-level steps needed to achieve them. More on drawing an Outcomes DoView.

screenshot 1145

Click through this webpage version of the software company DoView.

Prioritize your boxes

What outcomes do you want to focus on in the next planning period (e.g. the next year)? Only A priorities are marked.

screenshot 1148

Insert you projects

screenshot 1151

Map projects onto priorities

DoView's innovative and easy cross-page linking lets you show which steps/outcomes your projects are focusing on.

screenshot 1156

Check for line-of-sight, are your projects focused on priorities?

Count links to see how many projects are focused on each step/outcome. Here there's a lack of line-of-sight because no projects are focused on Clarity about IP. DoView achieves the holy grail of strategic planning - ensuring strategic alignment, something that's very hard to detect when just using text-based strategic plans.

screenshot 1157


Use a poster to convince your stakeholders that you've comprehensively mapped your projects onto priorities.

screenshot 1161

Anyone can use the above DoView software company visual strategic plan, with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView Software. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact



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